Saturn Duplication

Portland CD Duplication

Saturn Duplication offers local CD Duplication & Print/Design services.


We're a true Portland "Mom & Pop" shop.

After many years of being employed at larger shops, we decided to take our graphic design and production skills and start our our thing—so in early 2016 we opened Saturn Duplication.

As Portland natives we both appreciate that this town has a long and vibrant history celebrating music and art. That even as the city grows there's a need for businesses that are both aware of, and focused on, the needs of artists—those just starting out, and those already established. 

Located between 35th and 37th on NE Sandy Blvd right before the Hollywood District, we're striving to surround ourselves with musicians and artists who are passionate about what they do. We love creative projects, small or large, DIY or for a local label, we want to help!

Give us a call or shoot us an email to talk more about CD duplication!

(971) 222-8974